Beijing – Arriving

In May we had a nine-day holiday and one of the main attractions we wanted to see while living in China was The Great Wall. We chose to spend four days in Beijing (to see The Great Wall and the other attractions), followed by three days in Xi’an. We arrived at Beijing airport at five minutes past midnight and knew that the trains into the city centre had already stopped. We decided that we would not book a room in the hostel we were staying in as, we would have had to pay extra for the taxi. Jonathan had found that there was an hour-by-hour lounge (you can hire rooms to stay in by the hour) at the airport. However, after getting a bus to another terminal to get to the lounge we were informed that they were completely full. Blog: Beijing - Arriving

Knowing that we had at least six hours before the first train of the day we walked around the airport until we found a place for us to have a few hours sleep. The picture on the left was our first choice. It was in a large quiet area and the positive was that it was next to a water machine and the toilets. The negative was that it was on a hard solid concrete floor. We walked around the airport for about 15 minutes. All the rows of seats were taken and every bench was occupied with either a tired business man or a family cuddled together. We kept walking and found paradise! We only found this due to it being hidden away upstairs in the airport and not many had looked in that area. It was a food court! Our restaurant of choice was Burger King. There were plenty of normal tables and chairs but, we opted for the semi-circle booth (as seen in the picture on the right). We got comfortable in the booth and tied our bags to Luciana’s hand to feel more secure with our possessions.

After about four hours sleep, we got up, had breakfast with a coffee and headed towards the centre of Beijing to properly start our holiday.

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